No power can stand before people’s power:Gaddar

Peoples’ balladeer and Telangana United Front leader Gaddar has said here that no power on earth can stand before the peoples’ power.

He said that the separate Telangana movement has now turned into a people’s movement.

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India beat Pakistan to stay in World T20 semis hunt

Virat Kohli struck a brilliant unbeaten half-century as India stayed in the hunt for a semi-final with a big eight-wicket win over arch-rivals Pakistan in the Super Eights match of the World Twenty20 at the Premedasa Stadium here Sunday.

Kohli remained unbeaten on 78 off 61 balls as India achieved the target of 129 losing two wickets and 18 balls to spare and maintained their all-win record against Pakistan in a World Cup event.

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Bangladeshi Muslims protest Quran ‘desecration’

Hundreds of Muslims went on the rampage early Sunday in a Buddhist-majority village in Bangladesh over an alleged desecration of the Holy Quran on social networking site Facebook, Xinhua reported.

According to a senior police official, a Facebook account holder (name withheld) in Merunloa village uploaded a photo of the Quran’s trampling.

Just as the news spread, hundreds of Muslims already angry over an anti-Islam US film, took to the street Saturday night.

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Double for Sumit Toppo at Chennai championship

It was all but a washout on the concluding day of the fourth round of the MMSC-Sidvin FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship here Sunday that saw cancellation of three races, including the showpiece, Group A (Superbikes).

Sumit Lucas Toppo from Ranchi achieved a fine double in the Honda CBR 150R Open class to underline his talent while India’s top rider, Krishnan Rajini suffered a rare defeat as he finished second behind his Moto-Rev India team-mate M. Gautham in the Honda CBR 250R Open category.

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‘T’ youth tries to immolate,saved

One youngster tried to immolate himself at the Telangana Bhavan, TRS headquarters office here, today, leading to tension. Telangana activists who were present there, however, doused the flames, saved him and sent him to the Hospital for treatment.

The youth complained that there was delay in formation of separate Telangana state only because of the political parties and the leaders. He poured kerosene over his body and set afire. Alert people around, came to his rescue and saved him.


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Japan warns 100,000 on typhoon evacuation

The Japanese government issued possible evacuation warnings for over 100,000 people Sunday as typhoon Jelawat raged across the main island of Honshu, a media report said.

According to NHK television, Jelawat, the 17th typhoon to strike northwest Japan this season, is currently wreaking a trail of destruction across the Kinki region of Honshu and is travelling across the northwest at around 50 km per hour.

An evacuation warning has been sent to over 100,000 people due to the threat from flooding and rivers possibly bursting their banks, following huge rain squalls and high winds.

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Iran natural gas for Iraq by 2013

Iran will start supplying natural gas to neighbouring Iraq by the summer of 2013, an Iranian energy official has revealed.

According to managing director of National Iranian Gas Company Javad Oji, Iran has completed more than 25 percent of a pipeline to Iraq that could carry up to 25 million cubic metres per day of its natural gas to Iraq, Xinhua reported.

With the progress in the construction of the gas pipeline in the two countries, it is expected gas injection and the launch of the pipeline could be inaugurated by the next summer, Fars news agency quoted Oji as saying.

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Telangana activists refuse to leave PVR Ghat

After a hours of sporadic incidents of stone pelting and lathi-charge at different places in the city, the Telangana March had a bitter climax with the police forcibly evicting the Telangana activists from the Necklace Road.

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Islamic Quiz (30.9.2012)

Answer the following questions and post your answers in comments section with your email ID.

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Dear friends, if Allah gives us 60 years to live then it comes to around 22,000 days (60×365). All these days Allah gives us to prepare for one day of interview with Allah. That is on the Day of Judgement. On that day, Allah will ask us some questions and He wants some correct answers. Allah is so merciful that He already told us what the questions will be through Quran and Ahadith. His mercy is so great that He even told us the answers to these questions. Now imagine, a student goes to write an exam. He opens his exam paper and finds the questions on one side.

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Hadith: The Gate Of Taubah Is Open Even For The Worst Of The Sinners

Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri (Radiallahu ‘anhu) reported: Prophet of Allah (Sallellahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: “There was a man from among a nation before you who killed ninety-nine people and then made an inquiry about the most learned person on the earth. He was directed to a monk. He came to him and told him that he had killed ninety-nine people and asked him if there was any chance for his repentance to be accepted. He replied in the negative and the man killed him also completing one hundred. He then asked about the most learned man in the earth. He was directed to a scholar.

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Telugu news channels blocked in Hyderabad

All Telugu news channels covering the Telangana march in the city were Sunday blocked by police.

With thousands of people flocking to the Necklace Road on the banks of Hussain Sagar lake in the heart of the city amid clashes in surrounding areas, police snapped the transmission of all regional news channels.

The move is apparently aimed at preventing the spread of violence to other parts of the city.

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Media vehicles, Train station set on ablaze

Notwithstanding the fervent appeals being made by the TJAC and TRS leaders for peaceful conduct of the “March” from the meeting dais at the Necklace Road, some agitators set ablaze some media vehicles as well the Nearby MMTS railway station on fire.

One media vehicle was burnt down totally as no fire engine was able to reach the spot. The police who tried to chase away the surging agitators, who in turn made good use of the stones on the railway tracks as missiles and rain them on police.

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Orientation programme of Hajj aspirants at Tolichowki

A special orientation programme to explain hajj rituals to the Hajj aspirants is being organized on Sunday September 30, from 10:30 am to 1 pm at Vidya Niketan School, Alhasnat colony, Tolichowki.

Mr. Rafiuddin Farooqui will deliver the lecture through power point presentation. The lecture will be followed by question and answer session. There is separate arrangement for ladies.

Siasat news

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Muslim camp inmates of Assam suffer disappointment

Mufti Abdul Muhaimin Azhar Alqasmi vice president Safa Baitul Mal has informed that the union president Safa Baitul Mal Maulana Ghyas Ahmed Rashadi is on his third visit to Assam where he is busy in relief work at various relief camps of Dhobari, Chirang and Kokrajhar districts.

He told that the innocent displaced Muslims are still living in fear of Bodo tribe. The helpless victimized Muslims living in camps are day by day suffering from disappointment due to lack of effective and positive steps by centre and state governments regarding rehabilitation.

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Thousands attend Telangana march

In a massive show of strength by groups fighting for a Telangana state, thousands marched here Sunday as tension gripped the Andhra Pradesh capital following clashes with police.

People from various parts of the city and neighbouring districts converged on Necklace Road on the banks of Hussain Sagar lake as tension mounted due to clashes in surrounding areas.

Holding flags of their respective parties and groups, the protesters squatted on the Buddha Bhavan-P.V. Ghat stretch. Hundreds of youngsters occupied the parallel railway track.

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Hate preacher Abu Hamza’s five sons convicted in UK

Five sons of hate preacher Abu Hamza, who is fighting extradition to the US from Britain, have been convicted of serious offences ranging from bomb making to fraud and assaulting police, the Daily Mail reported Sunday.

Hamza is charged in the US with 11 counts relating to taking of 16 hostages in Yemen in 1998, advocating jehad in Afghanistan and conspiring to set up a jehad training camp in the US. He lost both hands and an eye fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

His four sons have already served custodial sentences while the fifth is awaiting sentence for an armed robbery.

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50 prisoners released by MPJ’s legal aid service

According to the report of Mr. Khaja Moinuddin, general secretary moment for Peace and Justice, Andhra Pradesh, 8 inmates of Chanchalguda jail and 6 inmates of Cherlapally jail were released on Saturday, by the legal and financial aid service of MPJ.

During the last one week 29 inmate of Chanchalguda jail and 21 inmates of Cherlapally jail have been released. Thus the total number of inmates of the two jails released by MPJ during the month was 50.

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Children of drunkard fathers forced to take refuge in orphanages

Drinking leaves a person without senses. In Islam it is called ‘mother of all evils’. Because of drunkard husbands there are several women who are forced to extend their hands to seek alms or work hard to earn a living.

There is a charitable NGO Spurti which provides shelter to orphans and motherless children. On the question of Muslim children in the hostel, the founder and director of the Spurti hostel Raj Goud revealed that these children’s fathers are always inebriated they don’t care for their wives and children hence their mothers have left the children here.

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Assam riots a blot on face of the country: SIO

Assam riots are an ugly blot on the face of democratic India. More than 4 lakh Muslims of Assam were tortured and tormented and also displaced. The centre and state governments’ criminal silence over large scale atrocities and excesses on Muslims is deplorable. These views were expressed by state secretary SIO Andhra Pradesh Iqbal Husain during his Assam visit. He was addressing media persons at Bilasipara camp Assam.

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India is not a civic nation: Jaswant Singh

Twenty-first century India is no longer Nehru’s India; it is confident, optimistic and on the move, says BJP heavyweight and former union minister Jaswant Singh, but questions whether “it is a civic nation”.

“It is not,” he replies in the same vein.

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NDA will not bring no-confidence motion in Parliament: JD(U)

NDA will not bring a no-confidence motion in Parliament against UPA government to force it to prove its majority following withdrawal of support by Trinamool Congress in view of its 2008 experience, NDA convenor Sharad Yadav said on Sunday.

“We have no plans to bring no-confidence motion in Parliament against the UPA,” he told reporters here.

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CRPF chief K Vijay Kumar retires, new DG next week

CRPF chief K Vijay Kumar today retired as the chief of the country’s largest paramilitary force, even as his incumbent is yet to be announced.

Kumar, a 1975-batch Tamil Nadu cadre police officer, was made Director General of the force in October, 2010 in the aftermath of the deadly Dantewada naxal ambush in Chhattisgarh where Naxals killed 75 CRPF personnel.

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