Children of drunkard fathers forced to take refuge in orphanages

Drinking leaves a person without senses. In Islam it is called ‘mother of all evils’. Because of drunkard husbands there are several women who are forced to extend their hands to seek alms or work hard to earn a living.

There is a charitable NGO Spurti which provides shelter to orphans and motherless children. On the question of Muslim children in the hostel, the founder and director of the Spurti hostel Raj Goud revealed that these children’s fathers are always inebriated they don’t care for their wives and children hence their mothers have left the children here.

An 8 year old boy Rizwan told that his father’s name is Saleem and he is always drunk, so his poor mother and grandmother left him here.

Another boy Mohammed Altaf (10) and his brother Mohammed Arbaz (11) say that their father has left their mother, who works in a canteen but since she can’t look after them she has left them in the orphanage.

Shaikh Riyaz and Mohammed Reyan arrived at the orphanage just two days ago. Their father is also a drunkard.

It is very unfortunate that today Muslim girls and boys, thanks to their uncaring fathers, are brought up in orphanages run by non Muslim brethren and we as a community don’t have the service spirit to look after homeless children.

Abu Aimal