Assam riots a blot on face of the country: SIO

Assam riots are an ugly blot on the face of democratic India. More than 4 lakh Muslims of Assam were tortured and tormented and also displaced. The centre and state governments’ criminal silence over large scale atrocities and excesses on Muslims is deplorable. These views were expressed by state secretary SIO Andhra Pradesh Iqbal Husain during his Assam visit. He was addressing media persons at Bilasipara camp Assam.

It must be recalled that a 4 member team of SIO Andhra Pradesh has reviewed the situation of riot-hit Assam by visiting 42 camps of 4 districts for rehabilitation and educational planning of Assam victims. State secretary SIO Andhra Pradesh Iqbal Husain, Mohammed Sohail, Arshad Faisal were among the delegation.

They told that the riots were planned with an objective to gobble up Muslims’ fertile land and to oust them from Bodo areas, as a result more than 4 lakh Muslims were forced to stay in temporary camps.

They have demanded that the government rehabilitate more than 4 lakh Muslim riot victims of Assam.

Siasat news