Japan warns 100,000 on typhoon evacuation

The Japanese government issued possible evacuation warnings for over 100,000 people Sunday as typhoon Jelawat raged across the main island of Honshu, a media report said.

According to NHK television, Jelawat, the 17th typhoon to strike northwest Japan this season, is currently wreaking a trail of destruction across the Kinki region of Honshu and is travelling across the northwest at around 50 km per hour.

An evacuation warning has been sent to over 100,000 people due to the threat from flooding and rivers possibly bursting their banks, following huge rain squalls and high winds.

A warning has been issued in particular for 56,000 residents in one of Japan’s largest cities, Nagoya. Another 38,000 people have been put on alert in Aiti prefecture. In Miyagi prefecture 11,500 are on evacuation alert.