Islamic Quiz (30.9.2012)

Answer the following questions and post your answers in comments section with your email ID.

1) The Kings of Egypt in the olden times were known as …..…

A) Buraq

B) Firawn

C) Fujjar

D) Khalifa

2) “Hatta zurtumul makharbir” means .…

A) Glorify your Lord with His Praise

B) So pray to your Lord and make sacrifice

C) That man is surely in loss

D) Until you reach the graves

3) Which Surah ends with “For you is your religion and for me is mine?”

A) Al-Ikhlas

B) Al-Fatihah

C) Al-‘Asr

D) Al-Kafirun

4) Surah Al-Tin dicusses ……

A) The fig fruit

B) The mount of Sinai

C) The results of lack of Iman and good deeds

D) The city of Mecca

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Answers of the September 29th quiz are;

1: B) Wahshi

2: A) over 10 years

3: B) Helping others

4: C) Lack of Iman and good deeds