Bangladeshi Muslims protest Quran ‘desecration’

Hundreds of Muslims went on the rampage early Sunday in a Buddhist-majority village in Bangladesh over an alleged desecration of the Holy Quran on social networking site Facebook, Xinhua reported.

According to a senior police official, a Facebook account holder (name withheld) in Merunloa village uploaded a photo of the Quran’s trampling.

Just as the news spread, hundreds of Muslims already angry over an anti-Islam US film, took to the street Saturday night.

“About a thousand angry people vandalised and set ablaze at least 13 Buddhist houses and five temples in Merunloa village in Cox’s Bazar district,” the official said.

Protesters launched attacks on the houses and the temples before the law enforcers reached the scene to bring the situation under control in the early hours of Sunday, the official added.

Earlier, a 14-minute anti-Islam US video “Innocence of Muslims” had ignited violent protests in Benghazi, Libya, and leading to the death of US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Similar protests were held across the Arab world.