Watch: ‘Kabhi Na Hogi Bandh Azaan’ by Imran Pratapgarhi at Bangalore Mushaira

HYDERABAD: Famed Urdu and Hindi language Poet Mohammad Imran Pratapgarhi at Bangalore Mushaira is seen presenting poems on Azaan controversy, Dalits and on Kashmir issue.

On Sonu Nigam’s controversial tweet on Azaan, Imran said:

“Kabhi Na Hogi Bandh Azaan, Kabhi Na Hogi Bandh Azaan.”

The 43-year-old singer triggered a controversy in April by raising an insensitive question on the use of loudspeakers for ‘Azaan’.

‘Chai Chai Karte The, Gai Gai Karte Hai…Jage Hai Dalits Jabse, Hey Hey karte Hai….’

On cow and Dalits controversy, he said that PM Modi making dramatic expression of solidarity with the Dalit Community that faced the wrath of so-called ‘cow protectors’ in Gujarat’ Una district, by saying “attack me, not my Dalit brothers. If you want to shoot anyone, shoot me, not my Dalit brothers.”

Ha Main Kashmir Hu…

The famed poet said that he likes Kashmir very much. Though didn’t get the chance to visit the valley but he love Kashmir because  Shah Faisal , the IAS topper is from Kashmir. Last year,  Athar Aamir ul Shafi Khan ranked second in national civil services exam is from Kashmir and this year too, Bilal Mohi Ud Din Bhat from Kahmir ranked tenth in the Union Public Service Commission’s civil services examination .

He said:

“Na Buzurgaon Ke Qawaabaon ki Tabeer Hu, Na Main Jannat Si Ab Koi Tasveer Hu,
Jisko Milkar Ke Sadiyaon Se Loota Gaya, Main Woh Ujadi Hui Ek Jaagir Hu,
Ha Main Kashmir Hu, Ha Main Kashmir Hu… Ha Main Kashmir Hu, Ha Main Kashmir Hu…”

Watch the video here: