Imran Pratapgarhi hits at fake and paid leadership of Muslim politicians

NANDED:  Famed Urdu and Hindi language Poet Mohammad Imran Pratapgarhi is addressing a massive gathering at Nanded on hate-speech controversy, Muslims issue.

Imran said that when he was in school, there were hate speech of Uma Bharati and other politicians played on loudspeakers but it was not regarded as hate speech.

However, when a Muslims said the same, a case was registered against him. Imran Pratapgarhi said he writes a composition in favour of the Muslim politician and also recited it in different parts of the world.

He said he was amazed when he comes to Nanded on a friends invitation, his inbox is filled with offensive language. He received hundreds of hate-filled comments on Facebook.

In a veiled attack, Imran questioned, “If a Muslim didn’t vote in favour of them, does it mean he is not a Muslim?”

The renowned shayar had spoken that irrespective of the politics, there many people also across the country that share a strong bond of brotherhood and unity.

He also condemned the killing of innocent Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar who became the victims of unbearable suffering and desperation.  He said that the Indian Muslims will be soon going to face the same consequences.

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