Cows across the world give milk, whereas India’s cow gives vote: Imran Pratapgarhi

Speaking to National Dastak after organizing ‘Blood donation’ programme at Delhi Jantar Mantar, poet Imran Pratapgarhi said more than 50 mob-lynching cases have been reported so far. He lamented that innocents are beaten and killed in the incidents. In order to protest mob lynching, Pratapgarhi adopt Gandhian path by organizing blood donation. The blood donation programme ‘Lahu bol raha hai’ (blood is talking) was kicked off by Urdu poet Imran Pratapgarhi at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on August 6, this year.

He said, cows across the world give milk whereas India’s cow gives vote. This is not mob lynching but actually mobilized lynching, he claimed. There’s an agenda behind it. Regarding his campaigns, the poet said, it is a fight to save democracy because democracy is dying.

By organizing blood donation programme they gave the message to the so called cow vigilantes ‘Don’t Spill Our Blood on Road; We Will Donate It to You.’ He appealed to those hate mongers that do not waste our blood on the roads we would donate it so that it could be served to the soldiers getting injured at borders of country besides being useful to all other needy Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians and others.