Imran Pratapgarhi denounces media over false propaganda against madrasas

Imran Pratapgarhi famed Urdu language and Hindi language Poet who has gained prominence among the audience through his revolutionary poems enthralls the audience with his satirical poetry. He says during 20 years media have disseminated propaganda against madrasas. Imran Pratapgarhi says madrasas promote message of love hence should not be linked with terrorism.

Condemning the discrimination of monuments on the basis of religion, Pratapgarhi claims all the things worthy of proud are given by Muslims. Highlighting the contribution of madrasas for the country he says, Muslims sacrificed their lives for the country, madrasas came to its rescue whenever the country needed help. Madrasas gave the country its leaders like Zakir Husain, Fakhruddin and Kalam.

Imran also slams Baba Ram Dev for his hate remark against Muslims.

The young poet mocks the central government rising prices and prevalent corruption. He says ruling a country is not as easy as making tea.

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