Mother’s body was stored in freezer for 20 years

London, June 01: London police is questioning an Indian-origin women for storing her mother’s corpse in a freezer for 20 years.

The corpse of Gulbani Freedon Murzdan, who died 20 years ago, was discovered on Thursday in the freezer in South-east London. The police is treating the case as unexplained.

Obama May Need ‘Magician’ Skills in Cairo to Reach All Muslims

President Barack Obama says he hopes his June 4 speech to the Muslim world will repair broken trust. He may find his audience disagrees on what needs to be fixed.

Resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, say some. Dispel Western perceptions all Muslims are terrorists, say others. Then there are those focused on what the U.S. should — or shouldn’t — do about civil-liberties breaches in Islamic countries.

Jadeja designed a scheme to dupe people,invested Rs50 cr in property, gold

Ahmedabad, June 01: Ashok Jadeja involved in the scam of crores of rupees, was arrested by the CID crime on Sunday morning. A source said that Jadeja designed a scheme to dupe people because his clinic in Sarkhej gaam did not fetch him enough. He presented himself as a priest of the Mata Sikotar temple and claimed to have divine powers. He promised people to return thrice the amount of money they entrusted him with in three days, said a source.

Aamir-SRK made for each other

Mumbai, June 01: The two actors “who still have personal unresolved issues,” according to their own personal confession, have shown remarkable composure on the professional front, says a Bollywood producer to BT.

“Each of the United Forum Producers and Distributors meeting that these two Bollywood superstars have attended have once again highlighted that these two superstars have a crackling chemistry,” says the producer, who attended the meeting to resolve the multiplex crisis at a film Studio, a week ago.

Katrina goes ‘nude’

Mumbai, June 01: Katrina Kaif has decided not to apply any make-up during shoots from now on — or if needed, the very bare essentials only.

Sources close to Katrina reveal that lately the star has become very concerned with the damage on her skin due to heavy make-up and constant exposure to stark arc lights. Katrina has henceforth decided to shun heavy make-up altogether.