Katrina goes ‘nude’

Mumbai, June 01: Katrina Kaif has decided not to apply any make-up during shoots from now on — or if needed, the very bare essentials only.

Sources close to Katrina reveal that lately the star has become very concerned with the damage on her skin due to heavy make-up and constant exposure to stark arc lights. Katrina has henceforth decided to shun heavy make-up altogether.

Katrina junks her make-up kit and will go with the barest of make-up in all her films.We confronted the star with this information and Katrina admitted that she has decided to throw away her make-up kit. “This is true that I have decided to go for no make-up. Anybody who has to don heavy make-up and is constantly exposed to the arc lights would be able to give you an answer as to why I have done that. It affects your skin badly. I also think that beyond a point it’s unnatural to don heavy make-up all the time,” Kat says.

The actor, her aides say, hated it when she had to sit for hours with heavy make-up in-between shots. There was a point when Kats started hating putting make-up on her face.

“I don’t enjoy sitting with make-up all the time and that is why I have decided to go for the natural look. Not only me, I think given a choice, everybody would prefer such a look on screen,” she confirms.