Aamir-SRK made for each other

Mumbai, June 01: The two actors “who still have personal unresolved issues,” according to their own personal confession, have shown remarkable composure on the professional front, says a Bollywood producer to BT.

“Each of the United Forum Producers and Distributors meeting that these two Bollywood superstars have attended have once again highlighted that these two superstars have a crackling chemistry,” says the producer, who attended the meeting to resolve the multiplex crisis at a film Studio, a week ago.

For example, when Shah Rukh turned up at 5.30 pm sharp, a puzzled Yash Chopra looked at him and said, “Arre, you’re on the dot today,” to which SRK said, “Oh I thought the meeting was at 4.30 pm, and I am an hour late.”

Aamir gave a naughty wink because he had sent a SMS to SRK saying that the meeting was scheduled at 4.30 pm, knowing very well that SRK would turn up at least an hour late.

On another occasion, Aamir was losing his cool with the arguments being floated, but it was SRK who prevailed upon him to please not stage a walkout for the sake of the entire producer fraternity. “Don’t get agitated,” said a patient Shah Rukh to his ‘professional buddy’ Aamir, adding, “you have to learn to be more patient yaar.”

The Bollywood producers are completely bowled over by the way these two actors have been complementing each other. He says, “There are days when SRK is more aggressive, then Aamir plays passive. But between them they have rallied around and got other actors professionally involved as well to find what may not be a quick-fix solution, but it will benefit the industry in the long run.”

“It’s a pity these two may never been seen on screen together,” says the source. “In terms of habit, temperament and even in terms of patience, they are an ideal match.” Guess the fact that they are so elusive in their personal equation with each other is what makes them even more attractive for the junta.