Mahesh Bhatt talks with Siasat at length

Hyderabad, August 06 (Siasat News): Eminent film maker and social activist Mahesh Bhatt said that if the country’s judiciary would be religion based, then it is definitely very dangerous for the country.

Moreover, the people would lose all faiths on the agencies that implement different laws at different times.

Speaking exclusively to Siasat, Bhatt expressed his displeasure over the withdrawal of mcoca in cases of Malegaon blasts accused. He gave a good example and said that if a snake has entered our house, we should not switch off the lights and presume that the snake had left.

Sadhvi and associates had Israel’s backing: Historian Amrish Mishra

Hyderabad, August 05 (Siasat News): The candid journalist and renowned historian of India Mr. Amrish Mishra, expressed his displeasure over the withdrawal of the mcoca from Sadhvi Pragya and her associates in connection with Malegaon bomb blasts.

He said that it is regretting to note that our anti-terrorism squad (ATS) does not belong to India but it has deep roots with Israel.

Malegaon blasts: Is the law taken its fair course?

Hyderabad, August 03 (Ather Moin): The real culprits of Malegaon blasts who were given a fresh reprisal in the case, have already started celebrating their Holi and Diwali whereas various Muslim youths who were detained in connection with one or the other blasts, are compelled to lead the hell of a life.

It was a matter of satisfaction for the entire country when a Hindu outfit or racket was found involved in Malegaon blasts. People started building castles in the air that ultimately Muslims would get justice.

School timings revised for Ramzan

Hyderabad, August 01 (Siasat News): According to a GO released by director of education, during the holy month of Ramzan, the timings of all the upper primary, primary and high schools are revised with effect from August 21 to September 21, 2009.

The schools will now run between 8.00 am to 1.30 pm inclusive of English, Urdu and Telugu medium schools.

In the meantime, A Laxman, president state teachers union, Mr. Narsimha Reddy, general secretary, Mr. Syed Wahidullah Husseini, Mr. B Bhujang Rao and Mr. Mohd. Abdul Samad have welcomed the decision of the government.

US consulate to take interviews in Urdu

Hyderabad, July 30 (Siasat News): The US consulate in Hyderabad would take the interviews of the visa seekers in their own language including Urdu on August 11.

This facility is to be provided for those who are not well versed in English. US consul general Cornelius M Keur said in his press note that the consulate feels that various visa applicants don’t know English language properly.

They speak Urdu, Telugu and Hindi. According to the consulate, to avoid any delay in granting the visa seekers an interview, the consulate has hired the services of two Telugu and one Urdu translators.

Siasat’s report clicked—Banks told to help minority students open scholarship accounts

Hyderabad, July 30 (Siasat News): Nationalized banks are denying students open their scholarship accounts. Be it Andhra Bank, SBI, SBH or Syndicate Bank situated in old city.

This denial may lead the students deprive their scholarship. There was a news report in Siasat’s July 28 issue where the difficulties of the minority students to open their accounts were highlighted.

US volunteers visit Siasat Office

Hyderabad, July 23 (Siasat News): The delegation consisting different students affiliated to IMRC volunteers of America visited Siasat Daily office led by Mr. Mohd. Hasham.

This kind of visit is being done since last nine years.They paid brief visit to the editorial, computer and reporting sections and gotan on-the-spot knowledge of various aspects of the newspapers.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan, news editor provided the minutest details of the founder editor Siasat late Abid ali Khan’s various achievements and services towards the community.

‘Sach ka Saamna’ is vulgar and obscene

Hyderabad, July 16 (Md. Mubashiruddin Khurram): Private TV channel star plus has introduced a new programme called ‘sach ka saamna’ which is in troubled waters right from it’s beginning.

The eminent citizens are crticising this programme and labeled it as vulgar and obscene and against the values of the society. This programme is nothing but an invasion into the private lives of the people. The questions being asked are vulgar in nature.

Attempt to save mother proved fatal for son

Hyderabad, July 15 (Siasat News): A boy lost his life in Kukatpally while trying to save her mother from the clutches of his drunkard father who was beating her mercilessly.

According to the details, the drunkard man was beating his wife mercilessly. Just then his son interfered to save his mother. Out of rage, the father, stabbed the son instead and tried to kill himself with a razor blade.

Urdu hai jiska naam……

Hyderabad, July 01 (Siasat News): The trainee chiropractic doctors of Palmer University, US are already in Hyderabad for their week long camp and during their stay here, they have become so familiar with Urdu language and they started using a few words of the sweet language in their day-to-day conversation with patients.

Senior congress leader Rahmath Ali passed away

Hyderabad, June 30 (Siasat News): Senior congress leader and former MP Syed Rahamth Ali passed away at his residence last night. He was 78 and survived by his three sons and three daughters.

Namaz-e-Janaza would be conducted today at Madina Masjid, Dilshadnagar, Mehdipatnam after Namz-e-zohar and burial will take place at Ahata-e-dargah hazrat Baghdadi Sahib at Langar Houz.

CM Rajasekhar Reddy has expressed his deep condolence over the demise of the senior leader.

Siasat announces Dr. Afzaluddin Iqbal Award

Hyderabad, June 29 (Siasat News): “The people who are always in touch with the legacies left behind by their ancestors can really be called ‘alive’. Those who have forgotten the history of their ancestors, find themselves in the darkness of oblivion.”

These were the words of Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, editor Siasat who was delivering a speech at Siasat’s golden jubilee hall on the occasion of the book release on the late author, academician and former president of Osmania University’s department of Urdu, Md. Afzaluddin Iqbal.

Centre warns Tv5 for false reporting of Madrasas

Hyderabad, June 26 (Siasat News): Ministry of information and broadcasting has issued a warning to Tv5 channel in violating the code of conduct.

As of late, it has become the practice of the news channels and other media to sensationalize even an ordinary news in order to draw the attention of the people without realizing that their this trend is doing more damage than the service.

The warning was issued in connection with a news report where Islamic religious institutions (madrasas) were presented as the headquarters or centers of training of terrorists.

Chiropractic Medical Camp to be inaugurated by Aziz Pasha

Hyderabad, June 24(Siasat News): Mr. Aziz Pasha, MP, would inaugurate the five-day free chiropractic medical camp today at 6.00 pm at Medwin Hospital, Nampally.

This camp is organized in collaboration with Palmer University of US under the joint aegis of Siasat daily and Medwin institute of medical sciences. On this occasion, Dr. Ramesh Babu, director Medwin Hospital and Dr. Nagi B Rao, operation director would also be there as chief guests, which will be presided over by Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, editor Siasat.

Better to hold the friendly hand of west, Obama’s address applauded

Hyderabad, June 23 (Siasat News): US president Barrack Obama’s address to the Islamic world is a welcome change to make better relations between US and Islamic world. This is a good initiative, which should be applauded.

Dr. Ahmed Salem, chief of Arab League Mission said this while addressing a press conference. He said that Obama’s recommendations to make the situation better in Middle East are appropriate.

Avoid attending feasts of money-lenders

Religious and modern education a must, parents told

Hyderabad, June 22 (Siasat News): “Demanding dowry and financial exchange is a sin. It is also illegal to accept the money as ‘Jode ki Rakham.’ Solemnizing the nikah in a mosque is permitted provided the sanctity of the mosque is maintained. Contract marriage is illegal as per law of sharia. Women are not allowed to near a dead person if they are not clean. Copying in examination is illegal and the namaz shown on TV could not be followed to offer your own.”