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Siasat Shopping Dhoom 2014 is attracting rush in the city – Many prizes offered

Siasat Shopping Dhoom 2014 was started on 18th December which is attracting a large number of customers from the city and other places. It will continue upto 30th January 2015. The purpose of organizing this shopping dhoom is to make available ornaments, garments and other articles at reasonable prices under one roof. Siasat Urdu Daily has been organizing shopping dhoom every year for the past 7 years. The customers have an opportunity to get valuable prizes like motor car, motor bikes, Scooter and 248 other articles which include TV, Washing Machine, Fridge etc.

Mini Draw Results

Fourth Mini-Draw result of Siasat Shopping Dhoom 2014-15

Third Mini-Draw result of Siasat Shopping Dhoom 2014-15


Second Mini-Draw result of Siasat Shopping Dhoom 2014-15

European satellite Gaia may find thousands of new planets

Scientists have revealed that the recently launched European satellite Gaia could discover tens of thousands of planets during its five-year mission.

Princeton University and Lund University researchers said that the discovery could provide scientists with a far better understanding of the number, variety and distribution of planets in our galaxy.

Dear NRI’s

NRI is no more about someone who goes and settles down abroad forgetting his/her roots. NRI are about Indians who go abroad to work, earn and bring smiles to their families.

Though they go for greener pastures but in bargain, they do a lot of good to their nation too; by getting in ample amount of Foreign exchange.

J&K woman develops Valley’s first android app

Mehvish Mushtaq Hakak, a 23-year-old computer science student, has become a role model for Kashmiri youths by developing the first-ever android application for the Valley – Dial Kashmir.

Mehvish is the first Kashmiri to develop an android application.

Dial Kashmir contains over 500 contacts of government departments and private numbers. It is a one-stop source for “essential information” about the state.

“Dial Kashmir is an application that may be described as a virtual yellow pages directory,” Mehvish said.

The art of calligraphy

Calligraphy and Good handwriting hold a remarkable position in Urdu language. Though it was thought to be an outmoded art after the advent of computers but it holds importance even today because of the beauty and aestheticism attached to it. The art of calligraphy started in Iran and spread across the world.

PCB to raise Sutherland issue at ICC annual meeting

Karachi, May 01:Irked by a lack of response from the International Cricket Council (ICC) over its complaint against Cricket Australia (CA) chief executive James Sutherland, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is planning to raise the issue at the apex body’s annual meeting in Singapore next month.