8 year-old girl divorces her 50 year-old husband

Riyadh, May 1: An eight-year-old Saudi girl got divorced from her 50-year-old husband after the marriage drew severe criticism, the girl’s lawyer said Thursday.

Abdullah al-Jeteily said that the court in Onayza city approved the divorce decree after several officials in the region talked with the husband.

Two request by the girl’s mother for a divorce were rejected before, and one judge ruled that the girl would be able to file for divorce herself only after she reaches puberty.

Andhra Pradesh: Keshava joins Backward Class CM race

Hyderabad, May 01: With the prospects of a hung assembly looming large and the need for a consensus coalition chief minister in that event, former PCC
president K Keshava Rao has become the latest Telangana Congress backward class (BC) leader whose name is doing the rounds for the top post. Keshava Rao, a former journalist is however a Rajya Sabha MP and had not contested the assembly polls.

Is the world staring at the worst health crisis in 90 years?

New Delhi, May 01: This could be the worst health crisis facing the world in 90 years.

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Thursday raising its People wait outside a mobile clinic in Mexico City to get tested for swine flu. (Reuters Photo)
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