Pension disapproval leads to death of the old couple

Old couple, Devana 70 years and Kurmika 66 lives at Kantma village in Mahbbb Nagar District died on Tuesday, unable to tolerate the pain due to disapproval of Pension form.

According to sources, the neighborhood inform him about the disapproval of the Pension form, by listening this Devana took pain and died off due to heart attack, his wife who saw his husband death by her necked eyes, died one hour later.

CLP minister Dr. Jana Reddy and MLA Dr. G. Channa Reddy console the family of the old couple and handover them 5,000 rupees cash.

Old lady found death, daughter suspects elder brother

Gousia begum W/O late Mahboob Baig who lives at Banjara hills found death in the early hours of the day. However the younger siblings suspect the rule of their elder brother and filed a case saying that the death is not a normal death.

According to sources Anwar the eldest son of Gousia Begum is a painter and has been involved in many cases by his younger siblings,over property dispute.

Anwar who lived at Begum pet was pressurizing his mother for selling of land and police was ruling the matter. Yesterday Anwar came to her mother’s house and later victim found dead.

GHMC will help financially and sanction the loan to Small Scale retailers

Taking a step forward, the GHMC has decided to sanction loan to retailers of small scale industries and will help financially.
GHMC is planning to save small scale retailers from taking interest and helping financially and providing sanctioning of loans. According to sources the GHMC officials are working on this plan.

GHMC Commissioner Mr. Sumesh Kumar speaking to media said that, taking a step forward, other than cleaning and taking Taxes, the GHMC now providing a scheme of “food in five rupees” and Loan to Small Scale retailers.

World tallest tower soon in the city

Chief Minister KCR said that his Government would construct the world tallest tower at Sanjeevaiah Park in Hyderabad. The 92-acre Sanjeevaiah Park is under the control of the Buddha Purnima Project of HMDA.

Last week KCR asked revenue officials to get the details about the land around Hussainsagar that is vacant and suitable for constructing skyscrapers. GHMC commissioner Somesh Kumar and others submitted the details to the chief minister about the availability of land.

The other sky scrappers will come up at Dilkusha Guest House, Patigadda, Nursing College.

Pakistan successfully test-fired a nuclear capable ballistic missile

Pakistan today has successfully test-fired Hatf IV ballistic missile with a range of 900 kilometers. Last week, a similar missile capable of hitting targets as far as 1,500 kilometers, would bring many Indian cities under its range.
According to sources the impact point of the launch was in the Arabian Sea in the south.

Admiral Zakaullah said Shaheen-1A with its highly accurate and indigenously developed guidance system is amongst the most accurate Missile System

Education system in India needs to be change: President of India

Education is a potent vehicle for social emancipation and economic rejuvenation, therefore our education sector, particularly higher education, is need to improve in order to meet this challenge. Change of Infrastructure, recruitment of vacancies and the education system need to be change”, said the President of India during the Annual Convocation of Jamia Millia Islamia.

Bribery cases in D.E.O office are on height

Govt has promised and made many announcement assuring that new Govt will be free from corruption, but still many corrupt officers are present in the Education sector. Every year many Schools management pay lakhs of rupee as bribes to the officer’s of District Education Office in order to get their work done.

Is jobs bowl of Singareni collieries drying up?

The jobs bowl of Northern Telangana, Singareni Collieries, is rapidly drying up with employment tumbling.

Singareni colleries are spread over the four districts of Telangana. These mines have provided the gainful employement to youths of backward regions.

In 1991, these coal mines are owned by Central and State used to accommodate 1.71lakh employees, but now this has decline to only 60,000.

Will SCs, STs, get Job reservation in Pvt Sector.

Government is in talks with the private sector on the issue of reservations for Scheduled tribes and scheduled castes.This “inclusive” agenda is proposed by the Congress ahead of the general elections.

National Industries bodies such as CII (confederation of Indian Industry) and Assocham have been consistently opposing the Govt suggestion of extending the job reservation policy for SCs, STs in the private sector.

The corporate houses gave an assurance that the government would not resort to legislative action to impose a statutory obligation of reservation on the Pvt Sector.

5 youth held in Old city for trying to take out rally

Police in old city took 5 youths under custody who were trying to take out a rally against Salman Khan Visit to Hyderabad. Salman khan is going to visit Hyderabad for her sister marriage which is to be held at falaknuma Palace.

Five youth from old city, who were against Salman Khan’s visit o the city, assembled at Mughalpura and were trying to take out a rally from Falaknuma to Charminar, police took them into custody seeing sloganeering them.

Infant died suspiciously: Doctor suspects Infanticide

A one Day old baby found murdered at Govt Hospital in Ranga Reddy dist. Kavitha gave birth to a baby at Govt hospital on Saturday, who is already blessed with two daughters.

On Sunday around 8:30 am, Kavitha approached doctors saying her daughter is laying unconscious, on doctor’s examination, they found her dead.