Tobacco is a deadly killer

Banglore,May 29: Inhaling air exposed to `bidi’ or cigarette smoke is more hazardous to health than contracting a disease from a garbage dump!

At the launch of a study titled `Current science of tobacco’, director of Healis Sekhsaria Institute of Public Health P C Gupta said tobacco is the single largest cause of death in India, more than HIV/AIDS, TB or malaria combined.

“Smoking kills 9 lakh people per year. The challenge is to protect India’s young population of 600 million people below 30 years,” he explained.

Free Lipitor, Viagra, 70 other drugs for jobless

Washington, May 15: The recession might be a little less painful for some Americans, who won’t lose their prescription medications if they lose their jobs.

Pfizer Inc. said Thursday it will give away more than 70 of its most widely prescribed drugs, including Lipitor and Viagra, for up to a year to people who have lost jobs since Jan. 1 and have been taking the drug for three months or more. The announcement comes as the unemployment rate topped 8.9 percent in April.

Is the world staring at the worst health crisis in 90 years?

New Delhi, May 01: This could be the worst health crisis facing the world in 90 years.

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Thursday raising its People wait outside a mobile clinic in Mexico City to get tested for swine flu. (Reuters Photo)
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