We’ll succeed in ousting TRS govt: Uttam

Chevella: Stating that the Congress party will restore the first design of Pranahitha-Chevella project after coming to power in 2019 elections, TPCC Chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy alleged that huge corruption was taking place in Telangana State in the name of irrigation projects. He said former Chief Minister Dr YS Rajasekhar Reddy started his Padayatra from Chevella to know the problems of the people and created history by bringing Congress party to power in 2004. The Congress party’s Praja Chaithanya Yatra will also create history in Telangana State by coming to power in 2019 elections.

Addressing the Congress party Praja Chaithanya Bus Yatra public meeting held here on Monday, Uttam said that the people of Telangana thought that the employment to unemployed youth and irrigation water to farmers through new irrigation projects but nothing has happened yet. The Chief Minister failed to question the centre though it was facing injustice. The Congress party was asking Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to tell whether they were entered into any understanding?. Finding fault with IT Minister KT Ramarao, who failed to speak about ITIR project, Uttam alleged that KTR said IT means Ivanka Trump when Ivanka Trump had come to Hyderabad.

Making it clear that Chevella public meeting’s main intention was to provide water to Pranahitha-Chevella project, Uttam said that the Congress party would restore old design of Pranahitha-Chevella project if Congress comes to power in 2019 elections. He alleged that the TRS government indulged in severe corruption in irrigation projects for the sake of 6 percent commission.

Alleging that the TRS government deceived all sections of the people in the state, Uttam said that everyone waited for the creation of separate Telangana state thinking that their lives would be improved. The TRS government not yet given 3 acre land to each Dalith but not yet given to them, he fumed and said that the KCR family only became golden family but not golden Telangana as said by KCR. KCR, who said that jobs will be provided to the people of all, was only provided jobs only his family members, he charged and said that KCR readied to give a Rajya Sabha ticket to another family member.

He demanded the state government to allocate budget for the distribution of three acre land to eligible daliths. He said that the Congress party has taken up Bus Yatra to wage movement against the injustice meted out to the people of Telangana. The TRS government was deceiving daliths, minorities, tribal and BCs in the state. He asked TRS government to initiate steps in the coming budget session to provide reservations to all eligible. The present government made the police to resort to attacks on daliths in Nerella.

He assured that the Congress party would waive off Rs.2 lakh loan at one go if it comes to power in 2019 elections. Rs.2000 per quintal paddyand Rs.6000 per quintal cotton to be fixed as minimum support price, he said. Rs. one lakh grant to be extended to women, DWKRA groups as grant, he asserted and alleged that the KCR was an inefficient Chief Minister failed to take care the unemployed youth and failed to fill the vacant posts. KCR introduced pension to one member of the each family. The Congress party would extend pension to all eligible in the family. The TRS government failed to initiate steps on IT Corridor, which was being set up by then UPA government.

Finding fault with KCR for stating that he brought the separate Telangana state, opposition leader in the Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir said that KTR, who stayed in America till recent years, too was saying that he brought Telangana. UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi accorded separate Telangana state respecting the aspirations of people of Telangana state. He alleged that the KCR family purchased the Andhra colleges located in Telangana state. Finding fault with KCR for stating that he was constructing new secretariat as foreign delegates didn’t like present Secretariat, Shabbir Ali asked KCR whether the latter would prune his nose if foreigners says that it was not good.

Dubbing Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao as ‘Kadupunindina’ Chandrasekhar Rao, former Minister Komatireddy Venkat Reddy has said that KCR was trying to win the 2019 election by any mean. KCR has no love towards people, he said and alleged that KCR was indulging in thousands of crores of corruption in the name of Kaleswaram, Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakathiya schemes. He said that all sections of the people were feeling unhappy and farmers, unemployed youth, minority, BC, dalith and tribal were meted out injustice in TRS regime. KCR was the worst Chief Minister in the nation, he alleged and asked Chevella people to see former Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy once again the Home Minister of the state.

AICC secretary V Hanumantha Rao has alleged that KCR urged Sonia Gandhi to accord separate Telangana state at one time but Sonia didn’t find as to how cheater KCR was. More so, KCR’s son KTR was chided Congress party saying it was a ‘Lofer’ party. He reminded KTR that KCR too started his political career from Congress party. Finding fault with KCR for saying that one has to slap with chappal if anybody asked bribe, VH wondered that the corruption was everywhere in the state. He said that the KCR family would have indulged in begging if Sonia failed to accord separate Telangana state. He alleged that KCR was trying to create differences among the BCs for the sake of votes. (NSS