Congress, BJP deceived Telangana: Harish

Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao today accused the Congress and BJP of vying for showing partisan attitude towards backward Telangana state.

Addressing the media at Siddipet today, the minister took potshots at the two national parties for showing same attitude of depriving Telangana of its rights. He took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making his recent comments that the UPA Government has offered statehood to Telangana by closing the doors of Parliament. Harish expressed displeasure at Congress leader Jairam Ramesh’s comments that on coming to power the Congress will make first sign according special status to Andhra Pradesh.

The Congress duped Telangana for six decades and its leaders give clarification Jairam Ramesh comments he said. The Congress gave national status to Polavaram and denied similar status to Pranahith a Chevella project. Had the UPA Government offered national status to it, Telangana government will not have obtained loans to complete Kaleshwaram project he said. The Congress leaders should start their bus journey only after giving clarification on Jairam Ramesh comments, he said. The Congress failed to address the problems of the Telangana for the past six decades. There is no difference among these two parties with regard to the development of Telangana. He expressed surprise as to why the Centre is still inconclusive on our just demands of fulfilling the promises made after bifurcation.

Harish Rao took exception to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ignoring the demand of national status to Kaleshwaram project as being sought by the state government. Though the Centre gave similar status to Polavaram in Andhra Pradesh post bifurcation, the Modi government making deliberate attempts to provide the same status to Kaleshwaram in Telangana which is lifeline for the region, the minister fumed. (NSS)