VC of UoH refuses to resign

Hyderabad: Vice Chancellor of University of Hyderabad, Prof. Appa Rao who is the center Dalit Research Scholar’s suicide has refused to resign on the demand of some of the victims of the university. Prof. Appa Rao told that Smriti Irani and Bandaru Dattatarya are not associated with this incident.

On the demand of various political party leader and the protesting students, Prof. Appa Rao told that he cannot consider such demands. He further told that these students are feeling themselves as victims and they are demanding his resignation. Any action should be taken as per rules.

On the letter written by Mr. Dattatarya and the alleged intervention of MHRD, Prof. Appa Rao told that it is a routine for the public representatives to write such letters but university had taken a decision about Rohit on its own which has nothing to do with MHRD.

Dr. C. Ranga Rajan, who is the Chancellor of UoH regretted that the incident is most unfortunate but he pleaded ignorance about its details.

–Siasat News