Rape video clip of Muzaffarnagar communal riots turns viral, city tense

Meerut: A video clip of rape during Muzaffarnagar communal riots, 2013 went public earlier last week. Some of the BJP member who are named as accused in the said riots have become active and threatened to conduct Mahapanchayats if the persons involved in the act of tormenting the woman are not booked under Nation Security Act (NSA).

However, the police officials have a different story. They told that newsmen yesterday that this was not a case of “rape” but an “act” of mutual consent. The police said that the distribution of the video clip is a criminal which is a deliberate attempt to gear up for the UP Assembly elections scheduled to be held next year.

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Meanwhile, the victim of the rape recoded a statement in the court narrating the incident how she was gang-raped and the incident was filmed by six persons during Muzaffarnagar communal riots in 2013. After this incident she was continuously blackmailed for the past three years.

In her statement, she told that kept silence during all these years. The harassment did not end even after her marriage. She begged the culprits to leave her alone. She also mention in her statement recorded in the court that her abuse continued, culminating in the rape video being released on WhatsApp by the culprits, which immediately went viral. As a result of this her marriage came to an end and her self-respect was damaged. She filed an FIR against two accused in the Khatauli police station last week. After she recorded her statement in the court, four more names were added on Saturday.

Two accused named in the FIR have been arrested by the police. There is anger mounting in the district. Virendra Singh, local BJP leader went to the village to express his solidarity with the victim’s family.

Suresh Rana, BJP MLA of Shamli, who is one of the accused in the Muzaffarnagar riots case, told that he would raise this issue in the State Assembly.

Alok Sharma, IG of police mentioned that two persons have already been arrested on the basis of the complaint made by the victim. However, he was of the opinion that this is a case of consensual sex and not a rape.

Meanwhile, police made heavy arrangement to control the situation.