Tollywood Actor Mahesh Babu’s comments on ‘Quran’

Hyderabad: Tollywood’s heartthrob Mahesh Babu’s recent success with his blockbuster has garnered thousands of fans.

According to a conference video that has gone viral on social media where the actor is claimed to have spoken on Islam and its principle values was later taken down on all platforms.

When the actor was questioned on Terrorism and Islam, the actor simply responded ‘Terrorists are not Muslim’. They cant be termed as Muslims since the Messenger and Prophet Muhammed has never done any sort of injustice to any human or creature in his lifetime.

Nor does the Holy Book Quran promotes terrorism.

In fact, the Holy book did not just speak against terrorism but also spoke against injustice to any creature.

The Messenger clearly stated any sort of injustice towards a single human would be equal to injustice towards the complete humanity on earth and the messenger himself.

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