Mother hired three contract killers to kill her son

In a shocking incident in Greater Noida on July 14, A mother of 22-year-old son allegedly hired three contract killers for Rs 35,000 to kill her son Ashul when her son opposed her relation with ‘self-styled godman’.

The godman used to frequently visit their house on the pretext of performing rituals and stayed overnight and once Ashul caught his mother in a compromising position with ‘self-styled godman’.

According to the police Officer Nishank Sharma, this incident took place on June 18, Suresh Devi confessed that she have hired the contract killers. Her partners in the crime were 70-year-old Kanhaiya and her son-in-law who had hatched the plot and roped in three contract killers who goes by the name Sachin (25), Satyandra (28) and Amit (26).

Ashul’s body was spotted by the residents and then they informed the police. The police grew suspicious after Ashul’s family members showed little interest during the investigation. Upon investigation, Devi finally confessed to having killed her son.

The contract killer Amit had asked Ashul to accompany him to buy a washing machine, but instead, he dropped him at a deserted location where the contract killers were already waiting for him. They knocked him unconscious by offering him soft drinks which was laced with sedatives. Thereafter, the three strangled him to death and fled.

After Suresh Devi confessed her crime the police arrested her along with her lover Kanhaiya(‘self-styled godman’) and her son-in-law Amit Kumar and two of the three contract killers for the murder of Ashul in Dadri’s Luharli village.