Actress Mahika Sharma molested on Rath Yatra

Mumbai: TV actress Mahika Sharma who is caught in the fire for making bold statements regarding her work and her fantasies was recently molested on Jaganath Rath Yatra.

She took to Instagram to speak share her ordeal with her fans where she described the indecent behavior by a group of harassers when she was on the Yatra.

The actress also said the sexual harassment on social media has gone up recently with some even asking her “rate” and sending obscene images.

Such indecent sexual harassment at a holy place disturbed a lot she said .
I really don’t know what happened. I was really so confused. Like if working is a crime, talking about sex is a crime.. we are human being..we all have crush, fantasy and will and wishes..that’s natural,” Mahika wrote at the beginning of the post.

Though the actress is disturbed, she chose not to file a complaint against the harassers saying she did not want to “pollute the glory of the festival” and believes that Lord Jagannath will do justice.

When asked to narrate the ordeal she went through she responded: “I don’t want to narrate my story of molestation, misbehavior. I don’t want to feel like a victim. I don’t want to pollute the glory of festival for some D grade people. Yes security, police were there to help, but I chose to come out without asking for help, and forgive them.”