Telangana: 892 people detected with swine flu in 3 months, reveals data

Hyderabad: With Telangana witnessing a rise in swine flu cases recently, data has revealed that samples of 892 people were tested positive at the Institute of Preventive Medicine lab over the last three months.

“Temperature has dipped. The virus will survive more in low temperatures. In the last three months, 4228 swine flu samples were tested in the Institute of Preventive Medicine lab in which 892 tested positive,” Fever Hospital Director Dr K Shankar told ANI.

Furthermore, Shankar urged people to take all the necessary precautions to prevent themselves from getting swine flu. “All health officials have been alerted about swine flu and we expect a decline in the number of cases after this month,” he added.

Swine flu is an infection caused by one of the several Swine Influenza Viruses (SIV), with the H1N1 strain being the most common across the country, particularly in Telangana.

The H1N1 virus spreads when an individual touched an infected or breathes droplets of coughs and sneezes that are in the air.

The symptoms are the same as the seasonal flu, also known as the viral fever. This includes a cough, sore throat, and body ache.