Meet Zainab, Jannat: Conjoined twins who fought against the odds to survive

UK: Zainab and Jannat Rahman, twin sisters have fought against all odds to survive. The girls proved that they are one in million as doctors had predicted that the chance of survival for both the girls is ‘one in million’.

According to the report published in Daily Mail, at the time of birth they were joined at the chest and liver. Seeing the health condition of the girls, the doctors had asked their parents to consider abortion.

However, the girls were separated when they were six weeks old. Despite doctors’ prediction of ‘one in million’, the girls not only survived but also aspire for better future.

Zainab wants to become a pediatrician from Cambridge whereas Jannat aims to become a lawyer from Oxford.

Their parents are Luther (42), a business development director and Nipa (36).

Talking about the girls, Nipa said that they have fought against all the worst odds whereas, Luther said that he is the luckiest father in the world.

It may be mentioned the girls who have turned 16 on 1st December 2018 were conjoined. It was revealed for the first time in 2002.

At that time, doctors had advised the parents to go for abortion. They said that even if the girls survive, one of the children will become ill. However, the parents had rejected their advice.

Luckily, the girls were sharing only the liver which regenerates.

It was also reported that after the operation, Jannat was shifted to ICU. After getting separated from her sister, Zainab was unable to sleep.