Pakistani PM Gilani indicted over court contempt

Islamabad, February 13: The Supreme Court says Gilani defied a court order to ask Swiss authorities to re-open the cases against Zardari, which dated back to the 1990s. Zardari, who is accused of using Swiss bank accounts to launder bribes, says the charges are politically motivated.

The indictment comes after the Supreme Court rejected a last-ditch appeal from the embattled premier on Friday.

Gilani pleaded not guilty and said that he refuses to open the case due to the fact that the president has immunity from prosecution while in office.

If convicted of contempt, Gilani could face up to six months in jail and be barred from office.

“Certainly then, there is no need to step down if I am convicted, I am not supposed to be even the member of the parliament,” he said.

Gilani is the first sitting prime minister in Pakistan ever to be indicted.