Model code of conduct should be revisited: Cong

New Delhi, February 13: In the backdrop of the ongoing showdown between the EC and the Law Minister Salman Khurshid, the Congress today tried to buy peace with the Constitutional body saying that, “The Election Commission is a Constitutional body and it is appropriate that everyone should accept the same norms.”

Addressing a press conference in the state capital Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari said, “We have reiterated our respect for the EC and the matter should be left there.”

On BJP’s accusation that the Congress party was trying to vitiate the atmosphere in Uttar Pradesh and playing the divide and rule game, the Congress spokesperson said, “If anyone, the BJP is guilty of communalising the politics in the country.”

The Congress leader praised the Commission saying, “The EC has performed wonderfully over the years in conducting fair and free elections.” Nonetheless he also added that keeping the whole debate of electoral reforms in mind, “The model code of conduct should perhaps be given a statutory basis and maybe the Commission will revisit its position on the issue after the state elections.”

Manish Tiwari also defended Priyanka Gandhi’s statement backing the Law Minister vis-à-vis the EC saying, “What Priyanka was saying was simply that the matter should be resolved between the two.”