Pakistan renames women’s panel

Islamabad, July 01: Pakistan’s National Commission on the Status of Women will now be known as the ‘National Commission for Women’ and it will be an autonomous body following the devolution of the ministry of women’s development.

“With the autonomy, we will at last be able to operate independently and contribute with a big difference to the cause of women,” Dawn quoted Anis Haroon, the commission’s chairperson, as saying.

National Assembly member Shahnaz Wazir Ali said the autonomous commission can now be more assertive and play a more meaningful role in promoting the women’s rights agenda.

The seven ministries that were devolved were health, environment, sports, food and agriculture, women’s development, labour and manpower, and minorities affairs.

A commission had identified 17 ministries for devolution. In the first and second phase, 10 ministries were wound up and their functions were devolved or reassigned. In the third phase, the remaining seven ministries were also wound up.