Pakistan government brings out 100-day performance report

Islamabad: The Pakistani government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan rolled out its first 100 days performance report on Thursday and vowed to pursue reforms in every field and revitalize economic growth through its tenure till 2023.

A special ceremony was arranged at the Jinnah Convention Centre of Islamabad to present the report, reviewing Khan’s first 100 days in power, Dawn online reported.

Addressing the ceremony, the Prime Minister credited his wife, Bushra Bibi, for putting up with his tough schedule, adding that “I have taken just a single day off in the first 100 days”.

Speaking of the government’s performance, Khan said they tried to benefit the common man from their policies, adding that the same reason was behind friendship with India as it will help increase trade between the two countries.

Adviser to Prime Minister Mohammad Shehzad Arbab said the government achieved 18 out of 34 targets while work was in progress on the other 16 projects.

The adviser, who was also in charge of the 100-day agenda, said the government laid a strong foundation in six major areas, including transformation of governance, strengthening the federation, revitalization of economic growth, uplift of agriculture and conserving water, revolutionizing of social service and ensuring national security.

Khan said his government was trying to introduce a uniform education curriculum across the country and that they also formed a task force to fix government hospitals. He said the government was also devising a system to alleviate poverty in Pakistan.

Talking about corruption, the Prime Minister said they were seeking details of accounts through which money was laundered abroad, dating back to before the Panama Papers leaks.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also addressed the gathering where he said that the Foreign Office was more active than before. “In last five years, there was no one to present Pakistan’s stance before the world,” he said.

Qureshi also discussed Pakistan’s bilateral relations with India, saying: “Tensions with India are not hidden from anyone but our approach is people-centric and we need peace for people to prosper. We need peace in order to speed up the development of our country.”

However, the opposition parties termed the 100-day performance of the government as “unimpressive, ridiculous and full of lies and U-turns”.

They said that the government totally failed to deliver on almost all the fronts, particularly the economy and the law and order situation.

After assuming office on August 18, Prime Minister Khan set a 100-day agenda for his government to achieve progress in the next five years.