CM KCR is changes his colors faster than a Chameleon; Navjot Singh Sidhu

Hyderabad: Senior Congress leader and Punjab state minister Navjyoth Singh Sidhu on Friday likened CM KCR to a chameleon and alleged that the CM of the state turns his color faster than the chameleon. Addressing media persons at Gandhi Bhavan, he said that 40 percent people of Telangana state were not able to earn more than Rs.140 day per day but alleged that CM KCR built Rs.300 crore mansion in the form of Pragati Bhavan for himself. He alleged that KCR had turned a Rs.17,000 crore surpulus Telangana state into a Rs.2 lakh crore debt ridden state. He also alleged that assets of the four family members of KCR including himself had increased by 400 percent during the last four and half years.

Sidhu made it clear that Telangana state was carved out due to the strong determination and commitment of their leader Sonia Gandhi and KCR did not have any role in its formation while noting that the CM had not even fulfilled his promise of merging his party into the Congress after the formation of the Telangana state made a Dalit as the first CM of the state. He mocked that KCR was the only CM in the entire country that did not visit the State Secretariat. He also alleged that both CM KCR and PM Modi were one and the same while terming the note ban as the biggest scam of the country.