Modi’s Moves “reckless” to retain Power: CPI

CPI National Secretariat today took a serious note of the desperate and “reckless” moves by the RSS-controlled Narendra Modi government at the Centre in the name of bailing out the sinking Indian economy with the sole aim of managing to return to power after 2019 general elections.

CPI general secretary Survaram Sudhakar Reddy, in a statement, has alleged that Modi was making “reckless” moves to retain power. As the writing on the wall becomes clearer of the certain conscious rejection of RSS-BJP combine in the 2019 elections as well as in the forthcoming Assembly elections, Modi and Co can go to any extent to cover up their failures and to present themselves in new avatar. Having sold off the national assets, Modi was targeting the profit-making public sector units for funds to win over the public and workers through takeovers and the new so-called pro-people schemes.

The Centre, the National Secretariat asserted, should have confiscated all the wealth of the loan defaulters of IDBI Bank and ordered a thorough judicial probe into at whose instance those loans were sanctioned. The pro-corporate commitment of the Modi government was forcing the government to ensure a bailout rather than attachment of the wealth of defaulters. Such disastrous moves will gradually kill not only the PSUs but will also badly hit the overall economy, he said.

The IRDA, it seems, under pressure from the government has taken necessary measures to facilitate the smooth takeover of IDBI by LIC, whose assets in fact belong to millions of policy holders who form the lifeline of insurance behemoth. The CPI demands the Modi government to stop playing with the hard-earned money of policyholders for political gains. He urged it to desist from such reckless moves in the national interests. (NSS)