Teachers’ web options till July 4: Srihari

The State government today extended time for making corrections online for teachers seeking transfers in transparent manner till July 4. While Head Masters will get edit options till July 3 and School Assistants can get edit options till 4.

This was informed by Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari followed by a meeting with Teachers Association members led by MLCs P Sudhakar Reddy and P Ravinder. Srihari held a meeting with them and officials and asked the latter to sort out the issue for web options in a hassle-free manner. Srihari instructed the officials to ensure that there was no scope for mistakes or anomalies during selection and freezing of the web options for the teachers seeking transfers.

The MLCs informed Srihari that some of the teachers have some doubts over the web options they have opted for on freezing. Given an opportunity the teachers can make necessary changes for correct options the MLCs urged. Reacting on this Kadiam Srihari said the officials will rectify the problem and offer extension of date till July 4.

According to the information, 99.49 per cent head masters (2182 out of 2193), 98.48 per cent school assistants (31,483 out of 31,968) and 95.88 per cent SGTs (39,054 out of 40,729) have participated in the process of web options. The officials informed that 90 per cent of SGTs who are to get transfers did not choose web options.

Srihari advised the teachers to rectify their problems further after the process for transfers is over by applying to Education Commissioner. He also warned of cancelling transfer orders and action against those teachers who feed wrong information and certificates to get entitlement points for the same through an inquiry. Srihari further asked the officials to take every care and avoid negligence and stop chance to small or petty mistakes during the process of choosing web options. (NSS)