Salaries to Archakas after cadre strength: Indrakaran

Endowment and Housing Minister, A Indrakaran Reddy today said that Archakas in temples will get salaries on par with employees of endowment department after deciding on cadre strength including total staff temple wise.

Exercise is going on the Archakas demands including salaries and extension of regular rituals of “Dhoopa Deepa Naivedyam” to other temples From August and will issue orders he said. Indrakaran Reddy held a review meeting on endowment wing at Dharmika Bhavan in Boggula Kunta here and instructed the officials to prepare master plan proposals for developing famous temples such as Basara, Bhadrachalam and Dharmapuri.

He said that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has allotted funds to develop these temples and the proposals should be prepared at the earliest.

The minister warned of serious action for any irregularities in appointing Archakas in temples violating norms as complaints received that some ineligible were appointed as Archakas. Officials will be held responsible for any irregularities in the process of deciding cadre strength he said. The salary will be implied to those who have already appointed before Telangana formation of June 2, 2014 he clarified. The officials have to take steps to extend regular pujas scheme in other temples from August 1 by scrutinising 5289 applications received by July end.
He asked to start reconstruction and renovation works of Basara, Bhadrachalam and Dharmapuri by fnalising norms in two to three months. Directing to give patta pass books to endowment lands the minister instructed to speed up the works taken up under common good fund and make payment of bills to the contractors. (NSS)