Hoffman was heartbroken with Markle, Adams exiting ‘Suits’

Los Angeles: Actor Rick Hoffman says losing “Suits” co-stars Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams is like losing a part of the shows “heart muscle”.

Markle and Adams, who play Rachel Zane and Mike Ross, are set to exit the series at the end of the Season 7 finale.

In an interview with The West Australian, Hoffman, who plays Louis Litt on the legal drama, said that saying goodbye to Markle and Adams was “capital H heartbreaking” as the on-screen lovers have grown close to him since they all started filming the Aaron Korsh-created series in 2011, reported ibtimes.com.

The 47-year-old actor says his final scene with Adams ended up as one of his most memorable moments on the set of the show.

“It’s kind of funny the scene we have that’s our last scene, and I don’t want to give that away but … I will never forget that day. And it’s one of my favourite scenes. So I think you take the heartbreak and you turn it into positive energy and let that catapult you into the next chapter,” he said.

Hoffman said that losing Markle and Adams is like losing a part of the show’s “heart muscle”.

“Now we’re going to bypass it with some really, really great actors. Everybody’s so excited to be a part of this, that energy I feel is contagious,” he said.

The show is aired in India on Comedy Central.