Do not fear; being Muslim itself is a matter of pride: Sant Baba Satnam Das Ji

The renowned religious scholar from Mumbai Baba Satnam Das Ji, addresses the gathering at National Integration Conference at Hockey Ground, Hyderabad organised by the Jamiat Ulama of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

He said, the country with 125 crore population is known as a place of diversity where people belonging to all religions and different languages live in a harmonious way. We have been created by one god, but still we are apart.

He said some of us are Hindus, some are Muslims, Sikh and Christians, but we have to keep the religions within us and endorse humanity. People of all communities should come together and fight against the communal forces who are trying to break this diversity and bring in one religion and one caste, he added.

He quoted the Sikh Guru by saying we have to follow the right path, the path of unity, brotherhood, peace.

“Parwah na karna agar zamana khilaq hai
Raasta wohi chalna jo seedha aur saaf hai”

He quoted famous couplets of Allama Iqbal:

“Mita de apni hasti ko agar kuch martaba chahe
Ki Daana khaak mein mil kar Gul-o-gulzar hota hai”

He applauded the Muslim scholars and their services with Allama Iqbal’s couplet:

“Hazaaro saal nargiz apni benoori pe roti hai
Badi mushkil se hota hai chaman mein deedawar paida”

Sant Baba Satnam narrated a story of a funeral procession of a lady which were followed by hundreds of men and 70-year-old man leading the procession with a dog. When a man inquired why is this man bring dog into the procession? The man says this is not an ordinary dog, if you leave this dog in home, it will kill woman. The man got excited and urge the old man to lend this dog for a day to him. The old man replies that the hundreds of people who you think following the funeral procession are actually following the dog and urge him to follow the queue. With this story Baba Satnam indirectly points out to the rulars who are trying to destroy the democracy and ask Muslims to not to follow them.

He said, he had met with a group of Muslim during a Jamiatul Ulema’s meeting. They were worried about the on going situation being created against Muslims in India. He said being a Muslim is itself is a matter of pride, but the condition is he should be a true Muslim with complete faith and when you have complete faith no one can hurt any Muslim.

He quoted the couplet:

“Noor-e-Haq shamme IlahI ko bujha sakta hai kaun,
Jiska Hami ho Khuda Usko Mita Sakta hai kaun.”

(One who is protected by God, cannot be obliterated).