GST regime hurts interests of states: CPI leader Reddy

Hyderabad: The CPI chose to boycott the midnight launch event of GST as the new tax regime “hurts” the interests of states and allegedly concentrates revenue resources in the hands of the Centre, a senior party leader said.

“We feel a midnight special session is not necessary as this system hurts states and concentrates revenue resources in the hands of the Centre,” CPI general secretary S Sudhakar Reddy told reporters here today.

Though the CPI supported GST “in principle”, it is alive to the concerns being expressed by various sections against the GST, he said.

The GST is being rolled out without taking into consideration the views of certain sections that the slab system in it is “unscientific”, Reddy alleged.

He demanded that the government revisit the slab system and make changes so as to reduce the inconvenience caused to large sections of people.

Talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks against cow vigilantism, Reddy said the reaction is “too late and too little”.

Claiming that the Sangh Parivar activists indulged in terror in the name of cow protection, the CPI leader said Modi should take concrete action to control the vigilantes without just confining himself to warnings.

Reddy asked why Modi did not raise the issue of visas, that concerned Indian IT professionals, in his talks with US President Donald Trump.

Modi should also have raised America’s decision to withdraw from climate change pact, he said.