Junaid’s elder brother gets discharged from Delhi hospital

Faridabad: 23-year-old Shaqir, older brother of Junaid got discharged from the hospital at 2 am on Thursday. His friend for nine years Mohammad Gufran who was seated beside him tried to feed his friend and poured water into his mouth.

Shaqir’s brother-in-law had driven him back in an SUV on Thursday from the hospital. The doctors sent him home with a bundle of medicines: an antibiotic, a painkiller, a wound cleansing pill, a strong antacid, and a Vitamin D pill — to be taken daily for 10 days.

People from the village as well as outside the village are visiting Shaqir. “Praise Allah that you are alive. Wish you a speedy recovery,” the village elders said.
“People came and stood at the entrance to his room to catch a glimpse and then leave,” his older sister Rabia told The Indian Express.

Shaqir did not say a word. Not even to his wife or children. “He has not had anything to eat either,” his wife Rubina said. “Half a roti with some moong daal, and bits and pieces of cut papaya. Like you would tear off to feed a child.”

Junaid was lynched in a Mathura bound train while his return to their home. The 15-year-old had done shopping for Eid, when a mob had mercilessly beat him up resulting in his death. Activists across the country had organised a silent protest on Wednesday.