Crime In Hyderabad (19.8.2015)

Police and doctors worried, thief gulped gold chain

(Siasat News): In a bizarre incident, a thief had gulped down the booty putting in trouble the doctors and the police as they will have to ‘observe’ his toilet activities.

Normally thieves and other criminals keep the police always in trouble thinking about the method to catch them but here, the doctors are equally worried.

This happened in Chilkalguda police station limits where a thief gulped down the stolen mangalsutra. When the doctor was called, he refused to do any operation.

On the other hand, the doctor advised the police to keep a vigil on his activities including the toilet as the only way to get back the mangalsutra is through his excreta and it may take eight to ten days.

The accused Vikas, 22 had stolen the 4 tolas mangalsutra from one Prameela. However, following the complaint of the lady, police soon traced Vikas but out of fear, he gulped down the stolen booty.

He was taken to a hospital where x-ray was taken but doctor refused to do the operation. This incident has put both doctors and police in ‘wait and watch’ kind of situation.

House looted in broad day light

(Siasat News): An incident of looting took place in broad day light at Eshwarapuri colony in Kushaiguda.

As per the details, one Shyamla was at her home but she noticed that 3-4 strangers were roaming near her house.

To erase her curiosity, she opened the door of the house. The strangers immediately gained entry into the house as if they were waiting for this opportunity. On the knife point, they made their escape good with 20 to 30 tolas gold.

Following the complaint of the woman, Kushaiguda police has registered a case and investigations are on.