Cheating under the pretext of foreign recruitments, agents absconding

Hyderabad: Another incident of cheating promising jobs in foreign countries usurping lakhs of rupees from unemployed youths came to limelight.

Some cheaters succeeded in collecting huge amounts from unemployed youths promising them lucrative jobs in Dubai, Kuwait, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. The worried youths were forced to go round the police offices for seeking help.

A consultancy firm located at Masab Tank collected huge amounts and after a few days shut its office and fled away.

Police officials are also dilly-dallying the issue under the pretext of their engagements in other matter till 17th December.

An FIR was lodged at Saifabad Police Station but police has not taken any action so far. Abdul Mukhtadir and Syed Abdulah who are the effect made this complaint. They told that Zee Tech consultancy cheated nearly 500 youths. The passports of more than 200 youths are still with the agency. The complainants have demanded the police to take stern action against fraudsters.

–Siasat News