Hyderabad: Meet the GES sibling delegates, Mansoor, Umamah and Haider

Hyderabad: The young entrepreneurs Mansoor Syed, Umamah Syeda and Haider Syed, who were part of US delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), are born and brought up in US have deep-rooted connections with Hyderabad. The most interesting part is that they are siblings. Before their selection as the delegation to GES the American government didn’t know that they are siblings. They were selected individually.

Their grandfather, Syed Moosa Quadri was a contractor and had played role in construction of Salar Jung Bridge close to Salar Jung Museum.

Talking about Hyderabad, the trio said that the city has changed a lot. They found that the youth are getting educated and are hopeful that they will get opportunities too.

The entrepreneur siblings said Hyderabad has a very rich culture and everybody during the GES was impressed by it.

Talking about Islamophobia in US, the young entrepreneurs said media is exaggerating the situation; the situation is not as bad as shown by the media; however they said there are struggles everywhere.

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