Connivance of Drug Mafia, Arms Dealers: Meeting of IB, other officials

Hyderabad: Telangana State has alerted IB and Narcotics Drug Control Bureau stressing them to probe the nexus between Drug Mafia and Arms Dealers.

It may be mentioned that in a meeting held in July this year which was attended by Excise Officials and the officers of Drug Control, it was pointed out that it is essential to find out the nexus between Arms Dealers and Narcotic Drug sellers.

On last Sunday, Excise Dept. arrested two persons who were making an attempt to sell 1 kg of opium and 56 gram of heroin. After this arrest, IB and CBI were sent alert notes so that the nexus between Arms Dealers and Narcotic Drug Sellers could be found.

The Task Force Officials of State Police told that the arrested persons are involved in such activities in other states also. It was therefore, decided to hand them over to Central Narcotics Drug Control Dept.

–Siasat News