Chandrababu Naidu writes to Nitish Kumar as Bihar bans Andhra fish

ANDHRA PRADESH: Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Monday urged Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to send a technical team to initiate action against the persons responsible for damaging the image of Andhra fishery products.

This came after the ban on the sale of Andhra fish by Bihar. CM Naidu also requested to restore the trade between the two states.

Recently a formalin was found in few fish consignments brought from Andhra Pradesh, following which the Bihar government imposed a 15 days ban on the sale of fish in Patna. Formalin is used to preserve fish.

Mr Naidu in his letter to Nitish Kumar said that after a ban on Andra Fish, his government officials raided several places across the state and tested samples but could not find formalin in any fish products.

CM Naidu also suggested conducting quality checks at the state border.