LS poll to determine not only future of India but also of West Bengal, says BJP chief Amit Shah

Malda: BJP president Amit Shah on Tuesday said that the coming General Elections would not only determine the future of India but also of West Bengal.

“2019 Lok Sabha polls will not only determine the future of India but also of West Bengal. The results will tell whether the TMC government which is killing democracy remains in the state or is uprooted,” said Shah, while addressing a public rally here.

Launching a scathing attack on Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee led state government, Shah said the TMC government in the state was allowing corruption and infiltration. Shah also said that music was not anymore a charm of West Bengal.

“Bomb and weapon making industries are prevalent in West Bengal. Despite Rabindra Nath Tagore’s music, bomb blasts fill the air of the state. The BJP shall bring the glory back to Bengal. The General Elections are an opportunity to establish democracy in Bengal,” he said.

Shah said the people of Bengal who gave a chance to Mamata Banerjee to serve them are not happy with her rule. “The people of Bengal had given the Trinamool to serve them by removing the communists, but seeing today’s situation, the people of Bengal are saying that Trinamool was a good communist.”

Highlighting that the TMC is targeting other party workers and several of the BJP workers were killed under Mamata’s rule, Shah said: “More than 60 party cadres of the BJP and other political parties workers were murdered in Bengal. They killed more than 65 people and 13,300 were injured. This situation needs to be changed.”

Shah also lashed out at Mamata for not allowing the BJP to hold Rath Yatra in the state. “If Mamta Didi does not allow us to take the Rath Yatra, we will organise a rally and if we do not even make a rally, then we will visit every home. They can stop our Rath Yatra but how will they prevent the lotus which is blooming in the hearts of the people of Bengal,” he said.

The BJP chief also assured that no infiltrators would be allowed if the lotus, BJP’s electoral symbol, blooms in the 2019 General Elections. “I am assuring you that bring the BJP to power and we will not let any infiltrators enter Bengal. But these people love infiltrators and that is why they (Mamata government) go against us when we talk about the NRC,” he said.

“We will not allow any infiltrator to enter our motherland… I want to tell Hindu refugees from Afghanistan and Bangladesh that we have brought the National Citizenship Bill and you will get citizenship of India,” Shah said, asking Mamata if she would support the Citizenship Amendment Bill or not?

Comparing the NDA and the UPA government work at the Centre, Shah said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi led NDA government gave Bengal 2.5 times higher funds than the UPA government for the development of the state.”