Zahid Ali is a great leader, dignified Journalist and a successful social reformer – Felicitation function held

Hyderabad: Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Dy. CM of Telangana State paid rich tribute to the services of Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily in social, educational and journalistic fields. Through his social service for Muslim community, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan attained a prominent place in the country. The awards presented to him do not enhance his honour but the dignity of the awards itself gets elevated. He was addressing the felicitation function organized by Awan-e-Fankar and Fools’ Paradise Cultural and Welfare Society at Urdu Hall on Saturday evening. Kingshuk Nag presided over the function.


Continuing his speech, Mr. Mahmood Ali said that by burying 3000 destitute Muslim dead bodies, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan done a great service. For arranging matrimonial alliances of Muslim boys and girls, he started “Du-ba-Du (Face-to-Face)” program. People not only from India but also Hyderabadi families residing in America are also being benefited with this program.


To refrain from extravaganza in marriages, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan proposed that only one dish and one sweet should be served. This slogan is getting popularity. He is not only a leader of Muslim community but also a social reformer. He informed that the marriage of his granddaughter was celebrated in a simple way in a mosque which was attended by CM, Cabinet Minister and Higher Officials. It is not a simple event. Its credit goes to Mr. Zahid Ali Khan.


Mr. Mahmood Ali further told that during Telangana Struggle, many newspapers of the State had adopted the dual standard but Siasat is the only newspaper which extended its support to this movement right from its beginning. The historic role of Mr. Zahid Ali Khan and Siasat Urdu Daily in the formation of separate Telangana State can never be forgotten. Siasat raised its voice on every issue concerning Muslim community. It is therefore, Siasat is not only a newspaper but it enjoys the status of a Mission and Movement.


Mr. Kingshuk Nag in his presidential speech termed Mr. Zahid Ali Khan a dignified Journalist and a social reformer. His personality has balanced behavior and social amicability. He told that he knew him right from 1991. He got an opportunity to get closer to Mr. Zahid Ali Khan during the foreign tour of the former PM, Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao. He has an impression that despite being the editor of Siasat (politics), he does not do politics in his personal life. He kept himself aloof from the manipulations of politics. He has a deep insight of public issues. He took part in the separate Telangana struggle more than any politician. He has been continuing his mission of social service.


Mr. Prashant Chintala, Resident Editor of The Hindu at Hyderabad, Prof. Aneesul Haq Qamar, Secretary, Maulana Azad Mission, Nanded and Mr. Mohammed Abdur Raheem Khan, Secretary of Anjuman-e-Taraqui-e-Urdu participated in the function as guests of honour. At the beginning of the function, Dr. Humaira Sayeed presented welcome address. Dr. Moin Amar Bamboo introduced Fools’ Paradise Cultural and Welfare Society. Dr. Javeed Kamal, Convener of the function conducted the meeting by reciting Urdu couplets.


Responding to the felicitation, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that he is an ordinary individual. He does not consider himself worthy of the thoughts expressed in the function. His only wish is to serve the poor, especially the Muslims since Muslims are facing a lot of difficulties. Educational backwardness of the Muslims has deprived them of many facilities. Their economic conditions are getting worse day-by-day. Our social status is weak and unstable.


He told that he was given Lifetime Achievement Award in America and London. In Delhi, he was given Maulana Mohammed Ali Jowhar Award but the award given by “Muslim Mirror” has greater significance since it was awarded by a great personality of America ‘Frank Islam’ who is a great Industrialist. The happiest thing is that he was given the award in this function in Hyderabad by making him wear the royal gown and dastar (Headgear) which is a symbol of the civilization of old kings. He said that he would donate this gown to the imam of any mosque who deserves it most.


Narrating the journey of Siasat Urdu Daily, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that the founder of this newspaper, Late Mr. Abid Ali Khan wanted a successor to be appointed after him and he got this responsibility after his demise. The publication of Siasat increased from 20 thousand to 60 thousand. Siasat is the only Urdu newspaper of the country which started its printing on offset and later on rotary machine. After this, it entered into the era of e-paper. In the extraordinary development of Siasat Urdu Daily, the untiring efforts of his brother, Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily and his son, Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily are very important who have enhanced the quality and dignity of the newspaper. The award which he got is not but for the staff of Siasat Urdu Daily. He further told that Siasat Urdu Daily is not his personal property but it is the property of its readers. He lamented that in terms of population, the Muslims occupy the second position in the entire world but we do not have unity. There is a need for the Muslims to have an organization which could gather them on a common platform. By forging unity among the Muslims, they can become a great power in the entire world. The Muslims should come forward in the field of education and they should strengthen their economy. There is no need for the Muslims to get disappointed. The slogans of “Love Jihad”. “Beef ”, “Bharat Mata ki Jai” are the creations of fascists and vested interests. He said that he is confident that with the secular temperament of the people of India, the fate of the country would be changed. This situation will not continue eternally.


Mr. Zahid Ali Khan further told that Siasat Urdu Daily has always supported public movements. Despite being associated with TDP, He supported fully Telangana Movement. He said that he had clearly told Chandrababu Naidu that Telangana State would certainly be formed. When TDP joined hands with BJP, he dissociated with TDP. During the elections, he refuse to publish any advertisement of BJP or MIMin Siasat since he firmly believes that in secularism and considers that secularism the only sources to resolve the issues of this country.


Prof. Aneesul Haq Qamer, Mr. Mustafa Ali Sarwari and Mr. Mahboob Khan Asghar highlighted various aspects of the personality of Mr. Zahid Ali Khan. Mr. Yousufuddin poposed vote of thanks. A large of people attended the meeting.



–Siasat News