Yasangi season records highest-ever procurement & farmers paid instantly online: CV Anand

“This Yasangi season has recorded highest procurement from farmers on MSP in the history of Telangana”, Commissioner of Civil Supplies C.V. Anand said. The farmers were also paid through online for the paddy purchase on record scale.


The Commissioner said the Civil Supplies Corporation has estimated to procure 39 Lakh Metric Tons of paddy. Till now, the corporation paid Rs 5,529 crores to farmers on purchase of 36.63 Lakh Metric Tons of paddy. All the payments pertaining to this has been paid to farmers through online. The government allotted required funds to the Corporation. Initially, as the government gave surety for Rs 2,000 crore and afterwards for another Rs 1,000 crore, the farmers will be paid without any trouble. The Chief Minister said no farmer should be worried as the funds have been released for the paddy purchase and in two or three days the concerned amount will be transferred to the farmers’ accounts through online.


“In 2016-17 Yasangi till June 12, a total of 36.63 lakh Metric Tons of paddy has been purchased from 6.99 lakh famers through 3055 Purchase Centers. Steps have been taken to remove the involvement of middlemen and purchase was done directly from farmers. The same amount would be transferred to their respective accounts through online. For the first time in Telangana, the farmers were paid through online to avoid the middlemen’s involvement. Online Procurement Management System (OPMS) software was launched for the purpose. It would be an example for the other States in the country.


In Kharif, 16.52 Lakh Metric Tons of paddy was purchased from 3,92,787 farmers through 2178 purchase centers. For this, Rs  2,478 crores were paid to them by online. The Rabi season has come to an end. During the 2015-16 Rabi season till this period only 8.27 Lakh Metric Tons of paddy was purchased from 1,72,450 farmers through 1282 Purchase Centers”, said Commissioner C.V. Anand. (NSS)