Once world’s heaviest woman, Eman Ahmed loses 65 kg after treatment in UAE

Dubai: The world’s fattest woman (at 500 kg) from Egypt has managed to lose 65 kgs after her treatment in the UAE, the Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi has said.

A hospital statement on Monday said Iman Abd al-Ati has been “gradually recovered” and managed to lose 65 kgs since she entered the hospital as an inbound patient, Xinhua news agency reported.

The woman was treated in Mumbai before being admitted to the hospital in UAE.

He family was reportedly unsatisfied by the treatment she got in India.

The hospital said that during the eighty days of treatment, the Egyptian woman is now able to sit in a wheelchair and move her arms.

The 36-year-old arrived at the Bureej hospital in Abu Dhabi on May 4 to complete her treatment trip.

Before the operation, Abd al-Ati was bedbound and her weight stood at 500 kgs, according to media reports.

She suffered from “a disruption of the glands and elephantiasis disease” causing huge amounts of water to be retained in the body.