Working on achieving PM Modi’s ‘Power for all’ dream by 2019: Piyush Goyal

Panaji: Asserting that all states have expressed satisfaction and have praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘historic’ developments in ensuring electricity reaches every corner of the nation, Power Minister Piyush Goyal on Friday said that the main focus of the government at present, is to implement the ‘Power for all’ scheme by 2019 instead of 2020.

Speaking to ANI after the two-day meeting of state power ministers, Goyal said that a lot of crucial decisions were taking in the conference, where deliberations were held on rolling out several schemes , including ‘Uday Yojana’.

“A scheme where free pumps can be given to farmers and electricity is provided in every house. Basically, we are working on the Prime Minister’s dream of ‘Power to all’, which we will try to implement by 2019. We have received support from almost all states in this matter,” Goyal said.

Talking about some of the plans that were discussed in the two-day conference, the Power Minister said that saving electricity, providing power to formers including renewable energy and steps to curb theft of electricity, were on top of the agenda.

“A lot of foreign nations have shown a keen interest in wanting to invest in India, thanks to the Prime Minister’s Make In India scheme and this was discussed in the meeting as well. It was a constructive meeting where the government received a lot of praise from all the state for what we are doing but instead of being content, we are working harder than ever as there are miles to go,” Goyal said.

Prime Minister Modi had earlier announced complete electrification of India by May 2018 and said that by December 2018, all Indian citizens will have access to electricity. (ANI)