‘Women must be equal partners in sustainability’

Abu Dhabi: The more women are involved in shaping the future, the more assuredly the future will deliver to the world what it must, a UAE daily said on Saturday.

“As much as sustainability is an all-encompassing concept, it is also, ultimately, reductionism in its most effective form, which every individual on the planet can convert into a personal goal in order to protect and preserve our planet,” the Gulf News said on the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

“At the Women In Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energy (WiSER) forum, a timeless truth was reiterated: As the pivotal force in nurturing family and its progress, women are critical stakeholders in the global push for seeking planet-friendly solutions,” it said.

“Let’s look at two simple examples to illustrate this relationship. Every woman who labours away at a kerosene stove to cook for her family is at a potential health risk.”

“Every time a woman gives birth to her baby in poorly-lit, or even electricity-deprived situations, she is endangering not only her own life but also that of her child’s. Both these situations are a reality in many developing countries and have a huge impact on societal well-being.”

“Providing sustainable solutions to alleviate these problems is the only way forward,” the daily said.

This push for sustainability would find its desired import, and impact, if women are made equal partners in the process of engineering this change, at both the micro and macro levels, it said.